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We all know it – the endless search for the best product at the best price. It is the combination of excellent customer service and unique performance. For decades, we have tested a wide variety of products every day and after countless attempts, we have developed the perfect running insoles, which are one of the best-selling insoles in Europe.

✅  The test winner among many products in the category „Running Insoles“

✅  Their biggest advantage – those who often wear shoes can adjust the insoles because of the soft Poron® padding on the feet

✅  97% of customers surveyed are satisfied with the performance of our Porr-Pad-relief technology and have noticed an improvement in their quality of life. Especially in the area of heels, Achilles’ tendon, upper and lower back

✅  The intensive cushioning of the sole allows you to enjoy a pain-free everyday life.

✅  The conical relief design adapts to your feet and is ideal for long wear (e.g., work shoes or business shoes).

✅  Usable for 650 miles for the sake of the environment

✅  Tested by independent German laboratories


Based on 1700 different tests and years of development, we were the first to have combined two technologies and thereby developed the Porr-Pad-relief technology. This provides the consumer with relief technology through relief-based enhancement and the use of artificial intelligence (comparison of user experience) to ensure that the customer receives the perfect running insoles:

✅  The product offers you extraordinary possibilities to find your way to a balanced and pain-free everyday life.

✅  Unlike many other manufacturers, we have developed our current product in cooperation with our customers.

✅  We are the first manufacturer of running insoles to introduce the Porr-Pad-relief technology.

The BOLLSEN® running insoles add huge value to your everyday life by implementing the patented Porr-Pad relief technology to reduce the unpleasant feelings in your feet. The running insoles are ideal:

✅  against pressure on the insertion of the Achilles tendon

✅  against pressure sores typically on the sole of the foot

✅  against inflammation of the heel

✅  against stubborn heel pain

✅  for wearing a wide variety of shoe types, such as work shoes or business shoes

Especially people who work in shifts (e.g., warehouse workers) are constantly exposed to pain. Take the opportunity now and order your running insoles with a 40-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result after three weeks.

We don’t just specialise in protecting your feet – we also improve your quality of life by reducing fatigue and stubborn aches and pains, as well as alleviating heel spur discomfort.

One step ahead - especially in recycling, sustainability and environmental protection

We at BOLLSEN are constantly working on new ideas and solutions. As the number 1 on the market, our goal is to become an innovation leader and pioneer, especially when it comes to sustainability. The major goals we have set ourselves are in the areas of recycling, packaging and environmental protection:

By 2025, we will have become a CO2-neutral company

Low carbon footprint – The responsibility for our planet and our environment is also largely in our hands. That is why we are working consistently and at high pressure to reduce our ecological footprint as best as possible. We rely on efficient production, the use of renewable energies and reusable products to achieve our 2025 goal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
susan r.

The excellent reviews of the Bollsen insoles really got my attention. To be free from foot pain would be brilliant! I took advantage of their multibuy offer to reduce the overall cost of the insoles. I decided I would purchase two pairs to start off, and if the insoles were suitable for me, next time, I would purchase five pairs of their insoles at one time. This greatly reduces the overall cost. The first thing I thought of when trying the insoles for the first time was how comfortable they were. If they did alleviate my foot pain, being so comfortable, I was planning to buy five pairs the next time, which greatly reduces the overall cost even more. Unfortunately for me personally, they did nothing to improve my foot pair, so I needed to return both pairs (one tested, one still used) for a full refund. It's just one of those things, I suppose because undoubtedly, they have helped ease a lot of people's feet pains.

Barry K.
Second time buying

Suffered severe pain from plantar fascitis, but after getting these insoles last year I have been almost pain free. Took about 2 weeks to work and I now have them in all my footwear. Back playing football and running too.

Doug C.

Excellent improvement to feet issues after using Bollsen inserts

June M.
Comfortable Innersoles

I suffer badly with foot problems. The Bollsen innersoles are the best innersoles I have ever bought. I'm now able to walk miles without my feet being painful. I definitely recommend them.

Roger M.
Support and pain free NOW.

These Plantar fasciitis insoles are not cheap. However having tried alternatives with limited success. Now following purchasing these Bollsen insoles I can truly say the difference is incredible. I took the plunge and invested in 3 pairs ( via Klarna) and now have them fitted to my favourite pairs of shoes. Definitely worth trying.